About us

Our Vision

We want to bring every racing driver enthusiast an inside scoop to the world of Formula One. Our passion enables us to follow every season and capture each one in detail.

We then present a meticulously laid out work of art so that fans, followers and supporters can treasure the memories, events and controversies of each year in a beautifully bound printed manual.

We want to you to be able to hold a magnifying glass over the sport you love and see the people behind the steering wheels on and off the track!

Our Values

Our values are very simple and can be captured in three short words:

Quality Authenticity Exclusivity

We aim to bring you the elite side of Formula One racing which means getting close to the drivers and sourcing never before seen snaps of the action from each season. Our works are labours of love and reflect our passion for this wonderful sport and the lifestyle that accompanies it.

Our Charity

We donate to charities because we are big believers that people who are fortunate enough to get by in this world comfortably have a responsibility to give back.

We hope to make the lives of children and adults in need that little bit better with product donations, fund raising events and sponsorship. ONE elite FORMULA are constantly involved in a few key charities but we also like to pick out a new charity every year so that we contribute to the wider catchment of people, research projects and requests that we can.

Here are a few examples of what we have accomplished to date. If you have any special requests or would like to invite us to charity events, or to sponsorship your worthy efforts then do please get in touch and we will do our best to respond promptly to everyone.

Product donations from our sponsors:

2019 books delivered to Formula One Group

13 May 2020 saw a Coronavirus-delayed delivery of our 2019 books arrive at Formula One’s operational HQ at Biggin Hill.

These books are given by Chase Carey (F1 Executive Chairman & CEO) to a number of charities. Our thanks to the book’s sponsors – Senate GP and James Moy Photography.